Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Helps Raise IQ

I am in love with music. In fact, my Facebook status is all about music. I always rely on music in expressing how I feel in a particular situation every single day. 

Growing up, music has helped me cope with the many dramas I encountered. The first love, the first broken heart, the loss of my father, and the happy times with friends and family. Even at work, I relax myself from all the stress by listening to the music of Waylon Jennings or any blues artist. I played the guitar but never really formally took lessons. 

Recently I discovered that music is actually helpful in the development of our IQ and mental development. Researches on how music affects the brain and mental development are available in musicology and music advocacy sites. It has been observed through the use of advanced technology such as the PET scans and MRI imaging that new neural pathways are created when an individual is engaged in a musical activity. Activities referred includes but not limited to composing musical pieces and playing musical instruments. It has been observed that ALL sides of our brain literally lights up in the monitors as opposed to only a part of the brain lights up when engaged in any other activity. 

I’ve heard of parents making their babies listen to Blues and Jazz even when they’re still in the womb so that they will grow smart but it was only recently was I informed of the science behind it and the studies that back the claim. Indeed passively listening to music helps. But measurable mental development is mostly attributed to composing and playing musical instruments. 

There are, however, many other benefits that can be derived from music. Socially, music is an ageless hobby creating interaction with great people. It can be observed that creativity and striving for excellence is developed and embraced among musical groups. Discipline and organization are also honed. These are traits that prove valuable for us in later life. Think about having children develop these traits early in life, wouldn't it be neat? 

Waylon Duff, who teaches music lesson at the Danville Blues Society thought it would be a great idea to get our children interested in music to reap these benefits and help them raise their IQ.  Waylon provides not only guitar lesson but also music composition.

Help raise your kids’ IQ by engaging them in activities related to music as early as preschool so we can have a future filled with creative, vibrantFree Web Content, and smarter citizens.

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