Monday, August 31, 2009

Independent Music

Independent music has always been an enigma over the years, but in recent times the advent of technology relating to home recording, digital distribution, and the Internet age have converted distant dreams of independent musicians into realities.

Independent music, or indie as its fondly known, is certainly an avenue for taking your music to the masses, and to be devoid of a major label is certainly a blessing in disguise.

Starting up with your music endeavor is the toughest part and to take it to the audience is equally tough as well in this competitive independent music online market. The common notion among musicians is that, they can leave their music speak for itself, but to stand out and carve a niche for themselves in such a medium requires them to do more than that.

The first thing to do in independent music is to make your presence felt, meaning, your music should be heard by as many people as possible. It is in this case that platforms like myspace, reverb nation and my country space kick in. They have a huge portal for independent music, and they let you showcase your ability to audiences worldwide, thanks to the Internet. They also provide innovative online music marketing solutions which help promote your music or your brand in general and who knows, may be create an independent music label. So create a unique media kit including a logo, a one page bio including a business card with all your contact details on it and most importantly a CD of your music.

Digital distribution is definitely the way ahead, so make your independent music downloadable from as many sites as possible. Social networking is a powerful medium that can take you to dizzy heights, so be there on all networking sites.

The independent music online market is a rat race, and to be ahead you need to be on top of your game all the time and do much more than your previous one. When you put all of the above in place, what you do is create a brand for yourself, so if people who like what you do keep coming back for more, that is when you can truly believe that you can sustain your growth and be successful in the independent music online market.

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